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Dois Irmãos State Park, located in the Northern Zone of Recife, has an area of 384.42 hectares, of which 14 hectares are occupied by the Recife Zoo. The reserve is considered one of the largest areas of Atlantic Forest in Pernambuco. In the zoo, about 600 animals live among birds, reptiles and mammals, both native to Brazil and exotic. The area is one of the most traditional tourist spots in Recife. On site visitors can do picos, visit animal cages, as well as see a fossil museum and scheduled ecological trails. Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am to 4pm; Contact: 3184-7754.

Natural pools – Boa Viagem Beach, Arguably Boa Viagem Beach is one of the world’s best urban beaches. It runs straight into Pina beach on on end and Piedade beach on the other. The recently renovated beach front has a running track and cycle lanes plus a wide walkway. Recife gets its name from the reefs that run along the coast. At low tide the reefs produce natural pools that make for safe swimming. Saftey in the water is an issue for some, as Recife does have a small number of shark attacks each year. If you are at all concerned, be sure to bathe where you see the reefs.

Coral Reef Marine Recife, Recife is situated at the point at which the Beberibe and Capibaribe rivers meet to make their way to the ocean. This has formed one of the most significant ports on the Atlantic Ocean. The shores of Recife are lined with Recife beautiful coral reefs, which have given it its name.

The Charles Darwin Ecological Refuge is a private non-profit reserve created in the mid-1950s. For 25 years the site was open for visitation. The space is located in an area of ​​60 hectares of Atlantic forest, in the municipality of Igarassu, in Greater Recife, 34 km from Recife. Its total area is composed of a highly preserved forest, interspersed by rivers of crystalline water. Where: BR -101 North, Igarassu, 34km from Rceife Admission: between R $ 8 and R $ 12 (according to the type of excursion); groups between ten and 50 people per visit; Visits must be previously scheduled; Contact: 3545-4465 | 9671-6965 | 8613-0807 | 9418-6209

One of the most visited places in Recife, Jaqueira Park is located in the neighborhood of Jaqueira, West Zone of the capital of Pernambuco. Its inauguration took place in 1985, when there were planted species of ornamental and fruit trees, among them the jaqueira, mangueiras, pitangueiras, etc. In its 7 hectares, the space gathers a historical site that goes back to the emergence of the neighborhood where it is located and areas destined to practice sports, cultural activities and contemplation. The park is widely used by the population for the practice of cycling and cycling.